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We send you your worms for free with the purchase of your worms.

The small stone cylindrical worms: it is designed with an integrated baking area, and a hole to connect through a tube or other external worms or baking boxes, it is designed for all species of medium and large worms (Mesor, Camponotus, etc.).

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(only one species in each order, choose it when buying)

Small stone  cylindrical anthills: it is designed with integrated foraging zone, and a hole to connect by a tube or other anthills or external foraging boxes, it is designed for all species of medium and large ants (Messor, Camponotus etc.)

It has a foam humidity system, which is only to give it environmental humidity, we must always put a water source so they can drink, such as  drinking fountains, test tubes filled with water covering it with a cotton ball through which they drink, trays etc.

It is made of a very resistant material (artificial stone), we have been doing many tests with different types of materials, until we have located this exclusive material, it is ideal so that our ant colony can not damage it by biting it,  as it happens with other materials that are very soft (plaster), in this case this type of anthill is ideal and can not damage it.

This anthill has galleries  one centimeter deep, so that our ant colonies can move without difficulty,  and can store food without any problem.

As for the humidity systems, it works very well, this foam system in which we inject water through the hole with a syringe, and moisten the foam,  careful not to flood the galleries or wet the seeds.   We moisten it twice a  week without moistening excessively.

IMPORTANT: close a gallery making a cotton stopper , so that they adapt to one of them and grow our ant colony, when we have a large number of ants we can open the other gallery.

CAUTION: Before mounting or decorating remove the  protective plastic if you have it. We must plug the holes with the plugs we offer. Never clean with abrasive products such as alcohol,  Clean with soapy water  .

If you want to see a small video of this anthill click HERE


1 - Instructions included.

1-small stone  cylindrical anthill      

1- Mineral Oil (Anti leakage) 10 ml

1- Protein Syrup 10 ml or 1- Seeds perhaps the species.

1- Rubber plug (9 - 13)mm

1- pipette or syringe

1- Cover

1- Drinking fountain

1- Colony of Messor barbarus or Camponotus (remember you can choose by adding the to the cart.)


We do not recommend this type of anthills for small species.

MORE INFORMATION: The maintenance of the anthill is the responsibility of the client  we are not responsible for damages such as wear and tear due to normal use, or misuse.

If you are interested in our anthills, we also have them in other materials: glass anthills, acrylic anthills, cork anthills, 3D anthills, stone anthills or sand anthills.

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