medium stone canyon ant nest kit with foraging box
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  • medium stone canyon ant nest kit with foraging box
  • handmade anthills with glass foraging box
  • deep galleries to facilitate the mobility of pearl-colored ants
  • medium stone canyon anthills with multi-position glass foraging box
  • ant farms with a humidity system with a side water tank with spectacular performance


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We send you your worms for free with the purchase of your worms.

The middle stone canyon with crystal forging box: are designed with a block of 15cm long, 5cm wide, 9.4cm high, with artificial galleries of 1.5cm deep and a forging box of 15cm long, 5cm wide, 5cm high.The.

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The formigers Canyon of stone  medium with crystal forging box : are designed  with a block of length 15cm, width 5cm, height 9.4cm, with artificial galleries of 1.5cm depth and a box of cooking length 15cm, width 5cm, height 5cm.These beans have several positions, it can be vertical or horizontal with the box up or next as you  i like.These bushes have four holes, (two holes have the bush box and two the bush) to connect the bush box to the bush through a tube, or connect or other bushes or external bush boxes, is designed for all of the bushes species of medium and large worms (Messor, Camponotus and so on)

They have a moisture system with a rotating deposit of about 12 mlit is only for environmental humidity, we must always put a source of water so they can drink, as it may be the drinks, test tubes filled with water tapping it with a cotton bullet by which they drink, bandages etc..

It is made of a very resistant material (artificial stone), we have been doing many tests with different types of materials, until we have located this exclusive material,  it is ideal so that our cattle colony cannot damage it by bite it, as it happens with other materials that are very soft (scayola), in this case this type of cattle is ideal and they will not be able to damage it.

These beans have gallery  of more than one  the depth of the depth, so that our colony of formigas they can move without difficulty,  they can store food without any problems.

To correctly place the humidity system we will fill the water tube, once the deposit is filled we will put it in the horizontal position and once introduced in that position we will turn the deposit with great care until it is put in the vertical position.

 THE PRECAUTION: Before mounting or decorating, remove the plastic protector if you have it.We must tap the holes with the tapes we offer. Never clean with abrasive products like alcohol,  clean with water  and sabbath.

No protector, red acetate


Instructions included.

1-the borm The Great Stone Canyon

1 tape

1 cage box

Protein or honey water 10 ml (food)

2- Gum Tape ( 9 - 13)mm

the decorative arena

decorative stones

pipet or jeringa

1 of seeds

1 connection tube

1 drinking

Colony of Messor Barbarus or Camponotus (remember you can choose by adding the to the cart.)

We do not recommend this type of beef for small species.

MORE INFORMATION : The maintenance is the customer’s responsibility we are not responsible for damages such as waste  normal use or bad use.

Data sheet

Used material
15 x 5 x 9.4 cm high
Foraging 15 x 5 x 5 cm

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