Anthills 15x15 green educational foam
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  • Anthills 15x15 green educational foam
  • anthills with integrated foraging box
  • for medium-sized ants
  • includes cover
  • galleries for 50mm bedroom ants


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Colony of beans for free!we send you yours the formigas free with your purchase the borm

The formigers 15 x 15 cm foam (acrylic) is Ideal for middle colonies, it has a moisture system on the sides, with integrated steam box and a hole with tap for external connections, other steam or steam boxes.


(only one kind in each order, remember to add it to the purchase)

The the borm 15 x 15 cm of foam (acrylic) ideal for middle colonies, he has a  the humidity system on the side, with an integrated box  and a hole with hole for external connections, from other strawberries or baking boxes.

This formage it has a very easy maintenance following our instructions, to get to having one a great colony of worms in good condition.

Very important when introducing the beans we move or remove the taper, we can put the test tube where the

the formigaswithin the the fork box they will go through the the formigThe.Once introduced we add water with the shell to the moisture system, be careful not flooding the galleries.

We have to put a water source so they can drinkhow can they be  drinks, test tubes filled with water tapping it  with a cotton butter by which they drink, bandages etc.



When it is convenient to clean  cattle or some areas,  clean with water  and sabbath,  never clean with abrasive products like alcohol.


Instructions included.

1 the formig 15 x 15 cm of foam (acrylic)      

1 tape

tape for the connection


The maintenance of the formig it is the customer’s responsibility  we are not responsible for damages such as waste  normal use or bad use.

If you are interested in our the bormwe also have them in other materials: the crystal, acrylic beans, the cork, thunder 3D,the stone or of sand.

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Used material
Green Printed Acrylic

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